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Woodland Green Cardboard Coffin 2-3 working days FREE delivery

Woodland Green Cardboard Coffin

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Buying from Willow is a step in changing the funeral industry. By offering unmatched affordability and advice directly to the public, we can put over-priced 'One size fits all funerals' in the past. Don't overpay for funeral products - Think Willow.
  • Suitable for burial or cremation
  • 2-3 working days FREE delivery
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Load bearing rope handles
  • Maximum load of 25 stone / 163kg
  • Mainland UK Shipping
  • Recommended by:
    The Natural Death Centre Good Funeral Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to home addresses?

If you wish for your coffin to be sent to your home address or a Funeral Directors address simply supply the appropriate details in the delivery section of our online checkout.

What sizes are available?
Willow offers three standard coffin sizes:

  • 5'8" x 20" (Inches), 
  • 6'1" x 22" (Inches) 
  • 6'7 x 22" (Inches)

We recommend that you allow for some room when purchasing coffin with a margin of at least 3-4 inches greater than the persons height.

Are bespoke sizes available?

Bespoke sizes are available at an additional charge of £48.00 per directional adjustment.


Can cardboard coffins be used for cremations, burials and woodland burials?

Our coffins have been tested by the federation of British Cremation Authorities and comply with the low emission levels set by the Government’s Environmental Act. Most importantly, they conform to the highest standards required by Funeral homes, Crematoriums and Woodland Burial sites.


Does the coffin come fully assembled with a headrest?

All coffins are fully assembled with a cardboard headrest


How strong are your cardboard coffins?
All of our coffins are extremely strong with a maximum load of 25 stone / 163kg.


What would be the best coffin to buy if families want to decorate the coffin themselves?
More and more families are wanting to decorate the coffin themselves and we would recommend the ‘Lily white’ Cardboard coffin.